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We strive to provide the best bitcoin prices and service in the web. Unfortunately, as anyone with any experience can confirm, there are a lot of fakers and scammers out there!

So we must unfortunately have Policies and Proceedures and Rules to make this a safe transaction for all parties. Our Rules:

  1. All communcations is via email to the PayPal email address;
  2. For first time buyers, there is a 24-hour delay while we verify your information;
  3. We do not accept more than 2 orders per week from a given customer or PayPal account;
  4. We do not sell to people with PayPal accounts less than 3 months old;
  5. We do not accept more than 2 orders per week from a given customer or PayPal account.
  6. Make sure you have a Bitcoin Wallet and know the address;
  7. Include your Bitcoin Wallet Address in the order comment;
  8. If we send you a confirming email, we WILL NOT SEND your bitcoin until we get a reply from that account;
  9. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU PROVIDE THE WRONG BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS! Our job is to send your bitcoin to the addres provided. If we do that, then we have met our obligation to you.

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Coinbase Bitcoin Price: 470.46

USD$50 worth of Bitcoin (0.06252 btc at current price)
USD$100 worth of Bitcoin (0.12503 btc at current price)
USD$200 worth of Bitcoin (0.25007 btc at current price)
USD$300 worth of Bitcoin (0.3751 btc at current price)
USD$400 worth of Bitcoin (0.50014 btc at current price)
USD$500 worth of Bitcoin (0.62517 btc at current price)

If you are having problems making payment or want a different amount, please just send us a payment with a wallet address and we will send your Bitcoin to you with in 24 hours. Our PayPal address is - payments "at" -

About Bitcoins

WHAT IS BITCOIN? That is really the question, isn't it? Well, I have an opinion and I like to think is is a well thought-out opinion. Let's start by asking another question: what is a US Dollar? Prior to 1971, a US Dollar had a value backed by gold owned by the US Government. The problem with that was that the WORLD Economy (ignoring the US economy for the moment) created USD$12,137 BILLION in 1971, but there was only about USD$100 BILLION worth of gold in the world. Well, if you want to buy and sell all that stuff (as represented by the World GDP), you have a problem - there is not enough gold in the world to allow us to do that! (Just for reference, the US gold reserves were worth about USD$11.5 billion in 1971 and the US Gross Domestic Product [GDP] for 1971 was about USD$1200 billion, so this was a problem for the US as well.) So, while President Nixon was lambasted for his policy of "uncoupling" gold for the US Dollar (which to be honest has allowed the US Government to significantly overspend), it HAD to be done eventually - the US and the World economies were just getting too big!

So what this means is that RIGHT NOW, the only reason the US Dollar has any value is because people THINK it has a value! Think abou this very carefully. If you went to the grocery store and put some groceries in your cart and then went to check out and they said "I'm sorry, we no longer accept US Dollars" what would you do? The money itself has no intrinsic value - you can't trade it for gold or silver at an established rate, because the US Government "uncoupled" the dollar from gold (or any other physical thing of value). At this point, US Dollars have value because people BELIEVE they have value - and they are backed by the "full faith and credit" of the U.S. Government.

Of course, the above scenario could never happen - it's against the law. US Currency "is legal tender for all debts, public and private," so everyone in the US MUST accept US Dollars as payment. So you can go about grocery shopping, paying your bills and all those other important financial matters in the usual fashion!

But now we come back to Bitcoin. What is bitcoin? I can go buy things with it, at least at some stores. (More and more online venues are accepting bitcoin, if you have not noticed.) So it functions LIKE a currency, at least some of the time. The value of bitcoin (symbol btc) floats against other currencies in the world, just like a currency. Although to be fair, it's value does fluxuate more wildy than a "regular" currency. (These "regular" currencies are referred to as "fiat currencies" - i.e., legal tender whose value is backed by the cgovernment that issued it.) In one sense, bitcoin is MORE stable than fiat currencies - there will only EVER be about 21 million bitcoins issued, which makes it potentially more stable than currencies that are run by governments that can print more money whenever they want.

The US Government is not even sure what Bitcoin is. The Justice Department says it's a currency. The IRS says it's an asset (and so must be taxed that way). These "digital currencies" are unlike anything before them, so people are just having a hard time figuring our exactly what they are.

I like the simpler approach - if it quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck, right? If I have bitcoin in my wallet, I can spend it just like US Dollars, but not necessarily at every store I want. So, for me bitcoin is a currency, but one that is not as universally accepted as US Dollars. And, Bitcoin is much more volatile than US Dollars - if you buy and hold USD$100 worth of bitcoin, next month you might have USD$150 worth, or maybe only USD$50 worth. So, you need to pay attention to the exchange rate. And, some stores give a "bitcoin discount" of up to 10%, so you should watch for that as well!

So hopefully you now know more than you did about digital currency in general and Bitcoin in particular. It is a new, exciting way to pay for things you are already buying. Just be sure to keep your digital wallet safe, and your Bitcoins can open up a whole new world of experiences!

For newbies, here is a list of things you should know:

  1. You need a Bitcoin Wallet (which is a program on your computer, or an app on your cell phone) to receive and hold your bitcoins. You can also use a website, but then THEY control your bitcoins, and if they go out of business or get hacked, your bitcoins will most probably be lost;
  2. You can find a list of available bitcoin wallets by googling "bitcoin choose your wallet" and clicking on the link to "" (which should be the first one). I had a link to info, but eBay now restricts links outside eBay;
  3. You can get basic info about bitcoin by googling "what is bitcoin" (Again, I had a link to the info, but eBay now restricts links outside eBay);
  4. Someone else knowing your wallet address does NOT mean other people can take bitcoins from your wallet - you have to send bitcoins to them. But knowing your wallet address CAN help someone figure out who you are;
  5. EVERY bitcoin transaction is recorded in a public registry, but only the Bitcoin Wallet Addresses are recorded (not your name or address), so it is still private;
  6. If you need a Bitcoin Wallet, I have found that Electrum is easy to install, reasonably secure and works! I am not connected in any way with Electrum and so can make no guarantees. Just sharing my experience.

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